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Counting Starts Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar for Curly Hairs

If you want a good shampoo bar for your curly hair, this is the best place to find one. If you want to switch to a shampoo bar without plastic that makes your curls soft and shiny, we have some great suggestions for curly girls. Shampoo bars are convenient.

They are easy to use: rub them on wet hair, and a nice, natural lather will form. You can use many of them for more than one thing, so you don't have to use conditioner. Some people use them to wash their whole bodies or even to shave.

Our shampoo bar is suitable for curly hair because it has many features and benefits. Finding the best shampoo
bar for you takes some trial and error.

Also, if you have naturally curly or textured hair, rubbing a shampoo bar up and down your hair strands may cause tangles and knots. But overall, shampoo bars are better than traditional liquid soap for your hair and the environment.

shampoo-bar COLLECTIONS

Heeya Kim

How I found this shop was to buy environment-friendly/no plastic shampoo bars near me. Ever since I started using the shampoo bar from Counting Stars, I can't go back to any of the old products I've tried!
Seriously, it makes foams really well, doesn't feel dry after using it. Since all the soap bars are biodegradable, I carry them all the time for camping too.

Jenny Kim

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner bars and I love it! They last a very long time and the shampoo bar lathers very well. Also, they smell DIVINE. My hair also feels much cleaner than when I use regular liquid shampoo. I would give an extra star if I could for their eco-friendly packaging!

Hanna N

I did all my Christmas shopping on the Counting Stars website this year after having used the shampoo and conditioner bars all year long. I love how much they lather and the scent is refreshing without being overpowering. I can’t wait to give them out to all my friends and family!