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Why are shampoo bars better? Is a shampoo bar good for hair? Is a shampoo bar better for your hair?  

It is  formulated with less water and thus contains higher concentration of ingredients that are beneficial for your hair such as essential oils and other natural ingredients. In addition to relieving a dry and itchy scalp, these natural ingredients, create volume, and promote healthy hair follicles. They are also TSA travel-friendly and no worrying about potential liquid leaking into your luggage.

Reasoning behind the term: Best Eco Shampoo bar and Zero Waste Shampoo Bar

Natural solid shampoo bars are not only good for the environment by cutting down on plastic usage, they are  formulated with less liquid. No liquid means no plastic bottles and thus zero waste and good for the environment by cutting down on plastic usage and using less water overall.  

Are your products safe for children and all hair types?  Are shampoo bars color safe?  

Yes, our product is safe for all hair types, including kids. Shampoo bars are also good for your hair and they are color safe. 


What is the pH level of the shampoo & conditioner bars?

We use a balanced pH to complement the nourishing and moisturizing properties and support the overall health of your hair and scalp.  The shampoo bars’ pH value is between 5.5-6.2 and the conditioner bars’ pH is between 4.7-5.5.


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