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Everyday choices should be simple and clean.

We create confident, safe personal care products by making purposeful choices from beginning to end. 


Counting Stars believes that everyday choices should be simple and clean.
This is why we formulate our products without parabens, silicones, phthalates,
or over 1,000 other harmful chemicals. Our company’s deep passion is for
self-care and the wellness of the environment blended together to bring light
to a conscious company. We use non-toxic ingredients for a safe approach. Our
mission is to create a clean and sustainable world, as we believe in taking
care of ourselves as well as others.


Founded by Hyun, a mother of 3 and soap creator, each artisanal item you will find here is thoughtfully formulated for a conscious home and beautiful life. As a personal care and home wellness expert, she knows the importance of using items that promote healthy routines that will make us all feel good. It began simply as making cleaner, safer choices for herself, and her family which transformed into a company to share what is good to the rest of the world.


When we take care of ourselves, we live in a world where everyone is confident.

We constantly look out for materials that are the most sustainable and create beautiful packaging without leaving irreversible waste that harms nature. We only use boxes made from recycled cardboard; they are 100% recyclable to minimize environmental impact.


For every shampoo bar sold, we will donate to FOREFRONT Charity, a non-profit that provides clean water to underdeveloped communities. Clean water is essential for personal hygiene and cleanliness which allows children to go to school with a smile and parents to go to work to provide for their family.